3 Smart Ways Las Vegas Students Fund College Expenses with Title Loans

College is expensive, and it is getting more so every day. The cost of tuition seems to go up every year, as does the cost of textbooks and the general cost of living. Even if you’re sharing a modest apartment with a couple of roommates, you are going to pay a lot of money every month.

Getting a couple of grants or even a student loan often isn’t enough to cover all the costs of a college education these days. And even if you can get the full amount you need from grants and student loans, you may end up paying some hefty interest rates for the “privilege.”

Car title loans in Las Vegas offer an alternative for students in Las Vegas, Nevada, and beyond. Title loans give you the money you need based on the equity you have in your car. If you own your car outright, you can get a loan for its value and use the vehicle as collateral. You’ll enjoy a low interest rate, and you can get approved for the loan independent of your credit history.

3 smart ways las vegas students fund college expenses with title loans

Here are three smart ways that Las Vegas students are using title loans to help them pay for college expenses:

Supplement Scholarships and Loans

It’s becoming harder and harder to get the money you need for college. Your parents probably had no trouble getting student loans if they couldn’t get scholarships. But these days, college students can’t even get the money they need if they promise to pay it back with exorbitant interest. Forget about scholarships! If you’re lucky enough to get one, it will likely only pay a few hundred dollars – maybe a few thousand.

If you are struggling to come up with the full amount for your tuition, you can look at a car title loan to make up the difference. Car title loans are unlikely to offer you the full amount you need for tuition unless you are attending a community college and drive a high-end vehicle. However, these loans can give you the money you need to make up the difference with your loans and scholarships.

Get Books and Supplies

title loans for school supplies and booksEven if you manage to overcome the huge challenge of paying for tuition, you’ll still be looking at a hefty bill for your books and other supplies. A single textbook can cost a couple hundred dollars, and buying the books for a full course load can set you back a few thousand dollars. Your loan or scholarship may cover what you need for tuition, but you’re still scrambling to come up with the money for the books and other supplies you need to actually study.

A title loan may be the perfect solution. Even with an older vehicle, you are likely to be able to get just enough for the books and supplies you need for the semester or even the year. Then you can sell the books when you’re done to fund the next round, or you can get to work and start saving for the next semester.

Pay for Room and Board

The last of the major expenses for college is room and board – the place where you will live, your utilities, and your food. Whether you live in the dorm or rent an apartment with some roommates, this will be a major expense and can easily surpass $10,000.

If you have a relatively new car, an auto title loan in Las Vegas may give you enough to cover these costs. If you have an older car, title loans can help you make a healthy dent in those costs.

extra title loan money to pay for school room and boardDon’t forget that “room and board” tends to be a broad term that covers everything you’ll need in the day to day. That means eating out, spending time with friends, and traveling home for the holidays. A title loan can help you get the extra money you need to cover all these things.

Your car is likely the only thing you own of great value at this point in your life. Title loans allow you to tap into that value to make an investment in yourself and in your future. The low interest rates will make it easy for you to pay back the loan, keeping your debts low so that you get the best start when you graduate college.

Title Loans 365 offers car title loans for residents in North Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. You can apply online and be approved within minutes. We don’t check your credit, and the only thing we require is proof of residency. So long as you own your car and have the title to prove it, you can get the cash you need to pay for college or take care of other financial needs. Visit us online to learn more about our Nevada title loans and the application process. Contact us today!

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