5 Most Popular Loan Types for Poor Credit and Bankruptcy

If you have poor credit, it can be very difficult to get approved for any type of loan, credit card, or even a phone plan or apartment. If you have filed for bankruptcy, it can seem nearly impossible to do any of these things.

5 Most popular loan types for poor credit and bankruptcy

So how are you supposed to get back on your feet if no one will give you a chance?

Fortunately, there are many loan options available even to those who have bad credit or have filed for bankruptcy. Here are five of the most popular options:

Payday Loans

Payday loans are a well-known option for getting money

Payday loans are a well-known option for getting money, fast, despite what your credit report has on it. Typically, you only need to show some old pay stubs to get a payday loan. You get an advance on your check, and you are expected to pay it back with interest.

While payday loans can be easy to get, they can also be very difficult to pay back. They come with astronomical interest rates that make it difficult for you to ever put a dent in the principal. Many unethical lenders are also in the business, so it’s easy to get drawn into a relationship with a con artist if you aren’t careful.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending works through a third-party intermediary

Peer-to-peer lending works through a third-party intermediary, usually. You go to a website, and you put in the amount you need. The site puts out your request to lenders, and you get offers. Some may come from individuals, and some may come from small businesses. The individuals are typically investors who are loaning the money for the return it offers.

Just like with payday loans, there are risks to peer-to-peer lending, including that you can get wrapped up with an unethical lender or that you can get nearly impossible terms. Always do your research and review any offers thoroughly before accepting.

Pawn Loans

You get a loan based on the value of your items

You can do more at a pawn shop than just buy items for a lower cost. You can take valuables that you own to a pawn shop to get a pawn loan. Depending on the pawn shop, you may be able to pawn jewelry, electronics, guns, or even your car. You get a loan based on the value of your items, and you have to pay the loan back in 30 to 90 days, typically.

The downside to a pawn loan is that you have to hand over your items for safekeeping while you are paying back the loan. You may not want to be without your wedding ring or your car, for example. Also, the facility may not be secure enough, and you could end up losing your valuables through no fault of your own.

Secured Credit Card

You can get a secured credit card loan

You may not be able to get approved for a credit card if you have credit issues, but you should be able to get a secured credit card. You put a certain amount of money into a savings or checking account, and the card is issued with a limit that matches that deposit.

So actually, you aren’t getting a true loan with a secured credit card. But it can be a way to get what you need without spending your own money off the top. The bank is more willing to extend you this credit because it knows that it can seize the money in your account if you don’t pay.

Auto Title Loan

Get an auto title loan

If you own your own vehicle, you can tap into its value with an auto title loan in Nevada. Vehicle title loans are typically available for cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs. You can get a lot more money than many of these other loan types offer you, and you don’t have to give up your vehicle to get it. You keep driving your vehicle while you are paying back the loan.

Title loan companies in Las Vegas are heavily regulated, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed by an unethical lender. Just do your research to find a title loan company that’s going to offer you the best rates so you can pay back your loan quickly and affordably.

Title Loans 365 in Las Vegas can help you get the money you need, fast. Fill out the application online, get approved within minutes, and have the cash you need in your hands within 30 minutes. All you need is a Nevada title in your name, proof of age and residency, and proof of income. Once you’re approved, you can get the money the same day. Visit us online to apply, or contact one of our representatives 24 hours a day, seven days a week to learn more about the process.

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