Duplicating Car Keys for Your Title Loan Company

Title loans give people a great way to get the money they need fast by putting up their car as collateral for the loan. In order to secure a title loan, you might be asked to provide a second pair of keys for your vehicle to your title loan company.

Duplicating Car Keys for your title loan company

Working with a reliable car locksmith in Phoenix can help them get the duplicate car keys they need anywhere and anytime so that business goes a little more smoothly. Here’s how a reputable car locksmith can help with duplicating car keys:

Make All Types of Keys

So long as you have the vehicle identification number – which you will have with the origination of the loan – you can get any key made for any vehicle. The best locksmiths can have car keys made right on the spot in Arizona for any vehicle. This includes all the newest technology for smart start and other security measures, including key fobs and keys that have chips inside.

You won’t have to worry about being foiled on the scene. You won’t be stuck standing around trying to convince the owner to hand over the keys or waiting for a tow truck. You can have the key made before you arrive so that you are ready to take possession of the vehicle with a minimum of fuss.

Duplicate Keys Quickly

When your car has experienced a break-in or your car key is not working, you may need to rekey your car, truck, or RV fast so you can get back to your daily routine. With a trusted Phoenix auto locksmith on your site, you can get your car key replacement and a key replacement to your Las Vegas title loan company fast to avoid any issues.

The best car locksmiths in Arizona can make keys right on the spot. Other keys that require programming might require a little more time, but you should generally be able to get what you need very quickly.

Provide an Extra Set of Keys

Eventually, you might end up selling your vehicle. It makes sense to have an extra set of keys to offer with the vehicle when you sell it in order to increase its value. This is especially important when the vehicle has a specially programmed key or fob, remote start, or keyless entry.

So even if you get the rare customer who is willing to hand over the keys, calling up the locksmith to make a spare set is still a good idea. You’ll only help your bottom line.

Re-Key Locks and Ignitions

Say you have the especially dedicated borrower who decides that it’s not over when you drive the car away. Having the locks or ignition on the vehicle re-keyed can prevent the owner from driving away with the car if it’s located (and not already in a secured lot).

You may also need to re-key the locks or ignition if something is broken or if the owner has damaged them in an attempt to prevent repossession. A good auto locksmith can repair locks and ignitions or re-key them when necessary.

Title Loans & Your Auto Locksmith

duplicated car keys for title loan companyRekeying your vehicle needs to be done fast and efficiently to keep up with your busy schedule as well as to provide your title loan company with what it needs to continue with your cash title loan terms. It’s helpful to have a good car locksmith on speed dial so that you can get duplicate keys as needed or have locks and ignitions repair or re-keyed.

U.S. Key Service is a reputable car locksmith serving Arizona. Our locksmiths are available around the clock, allowing you to have car keys made at any time. We are experts at duplicating car keys in Arizona of all types and for any make and model, including foreign and domestic vehicles and including high-security keys. We also repair locks and ignitions in Arizona. We partner with title loan companies to provide services as needed and in a hurry. Call us today to learn more about what we have to offer.

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