Nevada Taxes and Auto Title Loans

Tax time is upon us once again, and many of us are scrambling to put together all of our documents to make sure we meet the filing deadline (which is extended to April 18th this year). If you are thinking about filing your own taxes this year, it’s important to understand what tax deductions and credits are available to you.

Nevada Taxes and auto title loans

Title loans can have an impact on your federal or Nevada state taxes, depending on how you use them. Here are two important considerations for auto title loans and your taxes:

Tax Breaks

Generally speaking, there are no tax breaks for auto title loans in Henderson, either on your federal taxes or on your Nevada state taxes. Title loans are personal loans, and as such, you are not allowed to deduct the interest you pay on them like you can for a home loan.

However, there are exceptions – as there are almost always exceptions when you are talking about any tax issue. The primary exception is if you take out a title loan for your business vehicle to pay business expenses. You can then write off the interest you pay as a business expense. In certain situations, you may also employ this tactic if you are self-employed but do not own a business (again, assuming you get the loan for business purposes).

The only way to know for sure if you can deduct the interest from your title loan is to talk with a certified public accountant or tax professional. Your tax professional can let you know what circumstances would allow you to deduct the interest from your auto title loan on either your federal or Nevada state taxes.

Tax Payments

Even with careful planning, you may end up owing some money at the end of the year. You worked with a tax professional to find every last deduction and credit you could get, and yet you still wound up owing when the return was finished. There’s nothing you can do about the situation now except plan better for next year by adjusting your paycheck deductions or sending in extra tax payments throughout the year. You can also increase your charitable giving next year to improve your deductions.

For now, you will have to focus instead on how you are going to pay your hefty tax bill. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with steep penalties and interest fees. Getting a Las Vegas title loan can provide you the money you need to pay off the big tax bill you weren’t expecting. You can keep the IRS off your back and maybe get a little extra cash for needed expenses.

tax payments nevada taxesTax time is a great time to take stock of your finances and make sure you are getting the most out of your money. If you are working with a tax professional, look at every opportunity to claim deductions, including the interest on your title loan if you’ve used it for business or other eligible purposes. If you find out that you owe a lot of taxes at the end of the year, use a fast cash title loan in Nevada to avoid the steep penalties that will follow if you can’t pay that bill. As always, work with a professional to get the best advice about managing your taxes and your money.

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